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06 Feb 2017

Choosing your wedding shoes

Hello my beautiful friends! We haven’t blogged in a little while but we have made it a mission this year to be more consistent so here goes. We have been super busy working on the business, planning weddings and generally living life. The wedding planning season in The UAE is coming to an end so we have lots more time to blog and bring you some fresh ideas on how to plan your dream wedding in Dubai.

Today we are talking you through wedding shoes. After your dress the second most important accessory on your wedding day is typically your shoes. When deciding on wedding shoes there are a number of things you must take into consideration:

When deciding on wedding shoes there are a number of things you must take into consideration:

1. Heel Height– this not only relates to your ability to walk in the shoes but this also is affected by the length of your dress. If you can take your wedding shoes to all your dress fittings.

2. Colour– nowadays the standard white heels are a thing of the past. Some brides go traditional and have started wearing ‘something blue’, others go metallic with gold and silver and some just love a vibrant colour.

3. Price– shop within your budget. You don’t want to spend thousands on a pair of shoes that you won’t ever wear again. Modern day brides don’t buy ‘typical wedding shoes’, they buy stunning heels that can wear on their wedding day and on separate occasions.

4. Style– your personal style will influence whether you choose wedges, sandals, heels, platforms to name a few.

5. How they make you feel– you want to choose a pair of shoes that make you feel amazing.

6. Comfort– You will be standing on and off for a few hours during your wedding day so you need to make sure you are comfortable in your shoe choice. If you can wear them in before the big day.

7. Location– if you’re having a beach ceremony then heels are probably out of the question, so a pretty pair of sandals may be more appropriate

Hint: If you’re getting married on grass you may want to invest in some heel stoppers. Heel stoppers give a very thin heel a greater surface area in order to stop you sinking into the grass.  As a wedding planner in Dubai where a lot of hotels have grass venues we see brides who don’t plan ahead when it comes to the surface they are walking on. Click here to order some.


Stay tuned for our next post on our top wedding shoe picks x

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Image from Joel Skingle
Image from Joel Skingle